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Long Beach Open 2016

Since my last competition I’ve only been able to fit in 5 training sessions.  I was in need of points to compete at Worlds next year so I signed up for the Long Beach Open.  My division had only one competitor, Carlos Farias.  Although…

December 13, 2016

PKG with Tahi Burns

While training with some old friends at the Brian Kim memorial roll at Higher Ground BJJ a brown belt recommended that I check out PKG, which stands for “Punch, Kick, Grapple.”  He said the gym had a solid mix of levels and some heavier…

June 20, 2016

Nino Schembri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The new generation of BJJ may not be as familiar with Nino.  He is one of the all time greats and did Rubber Guard before anyone even knew what it was or had a name for it.  The gogoplata, yeah, he invented that.  He’s…

May 16, 2016

Eddie Bravo Invitational Play by Play

There has been a long debate over whether submission only or points based competitions are the best gauge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Grappling skill.  I’ve done both types of tournaments and here’s what I notice:  The vast majority of the time, the guys…

May 1, 2016