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Royce Gracie Academy Fresno

I previously wrote about my trip to Fresno, California for work.  I didn’t have enough time to hit all the gyms in the area but in my research I found Royce Gracie Academy and wanted to check it out.  Tosh Cook, is the head…

February 27, 2017

Electric BJJ with Joao Assis

Joao Assis is a huge name in BJJ, particularly on the NoGi scene.  Among his many championships he holds an ADCC and NoGi Worlds title.  I had been meaning to get to his gym in Huntington Beach for years but only recently had the…

February 20, 2017


I’m back in full competition swing despite not having enough time for optimal competition training.  My most recent competition was the NABJJ World Championships at Long Beach.  The North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation was founded by Joao and Patricia Silva as well as…

December 5, 2016

Pros and Cons of Large and Small BJJ Teams

10 years ago, when I started, Jiu Jitsu was still a budding martial art in the US and wasn’t readily available everywhere.  The team you chose was based primarily on proximity.  I was in the Inland Empire and visited Pedro Carvalho’s gym.  When you’ve…

November 14, 2016

LA Pro Experience – A Champion’s Mindset

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to compete.  In fact, it had been a while since I even trained.  Shortly after Panams I pulled my groin and it just wouldn’t heal.  I took about 4 months off. I finally bit the bullet and…

October 17, 2016